Improve communications with your customers.

Broadridge FluentSM is a new service that allows financial firms to improve communications with their customers. Fluent enables consumers to choose their communications channels, offers content and digital asset management and provides reporting and insight—delivering a better consumer experience, brand control and cost savings.

Key Features

  • Emerging Channels – Support for numerous digital channels. From websites, to advisor and client service platforms, to email and digital mail.

  • Preference & Consent Management – Capture preferences through any channel allow customers to define the scope of those preferences at the account, firm, industry or customer level.

  • Insight – Enterprise wide, see the delivery status and use of communications by clients to all divisions of the firm including advisors, operations, marketing and client service teams.

  • Consumer Experience – Take advantage of the interactive nature of these channels while at the same time ensuring a consistent brand and message.

  • Flexibility – The platform works with existing infrastructure, as well as with new and emerging channels.

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Broadridge Launches Transformative Client Communications Service for Financial Services Firms

New service enables consumers to select preferred channels, while allowing firms to manage and customize underlying content and messaging

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y, September 20, 2012Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE:BR), the world’s leading investor communications company, today announces the launch of Broadridge FluentSM, a new service that significantly improves communications between financial services firms and their customers. Broadridge Fluent enhances customer engagement by enabling firms to distribute marketing, transactional and regulatory communications to their clients’ preferred delivery channels with enhanced insight and interactive capabilities.

Broadridge Fluent builds upon existing Broadridge print mail and e-delivery services to support communications across a variety of channels, including firm websites, advisor portals, and emerging digital mail services. Key features include emerging channels, preference and consent management, enhanced insight and interactive communications. Components of Broadridge Fluent are currently in use by more than 20 financial services institutions.

“Digital has changed how consumers communicate and how they access and digest content,” said Doug DeSchutter, President, U.S. Regulatory and Digital Communications at Broadridge. “Advances across tablet and mobile devices, software applications, and data connectivity have led to changes in how consumers talk with friends, read books, watch movies, and listen to music. And the same shift is happening with mail and traditional brand-based communications. Financial services firms have a terrific opportunity to embrace these advances, engage consumers using the channels of their choosing, and ultimately make communications much more effective and efficient.”

The Broadridge platform is delivered as a Platform As A Service (PAAS) to allow for cost reduction while eliminating a lengthy integration process. Key capabilities of the Broadridge Fluent platform include:

  • Emerging Channels - the Broadridge Fluent platform provides an integrated solution across traditional channels like print, e-delivery and firm websites, alongside emerging channels like advisor and client service platforms and digital mail. As new channels continue to emerge, the platform will expand to support these channels without requiring additional development or added expense for Broadridge’s clients.

  • Preference & Consent Management – the Broadridge platform contains a robust preference and consent management capability allowing firms to capture preferences through any channel and utilize those preferences at the Account, Firm, Industry or Consumer level.

  • Enhanced Insight – Broadridge Fluent provides insight to the delivery status and use of communications by clients to all divisions of the firm including advisors, client service and operations teams.

  • Interactive Communications – Broadridge Fluent allows firms to take advantage of the interactive nature of new communication channels. This interactivity allows regulatory and transactional communications to be converted into relationship-enhancing opportunities.
Broadridge has been the leader in investor communications for nearly 40 years. In 2011 alone, Broadridge distributed over 1.8 billion digital and printed communications on behalf of public companies, mutual funds, banks and brokerage firms. Broadridge has been a pioneer in preference management, maintaining a preference database of over 65 million accounts on behalf of the firm's clients, and is a premier provider of print-based communications, representing approximately 1% of all US first class mail.

About Broadridge
Broadridge is a technology services company focused on global capital markets. Broadridge is the market leader enabling secure and accurate processing of information for communications and securities transactions among issuers, investors and financial intermediaries. Broadridge builds the infrastructure that underpins proxy services for over 90% of public companies and mutual funds in North America; processes more than $4 trillion in fixed income and equity trades per day; and saves companies billions annually through its technology solutions.

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